Winterizing Your Car with Bosak Honda Michigan City

December 19th, 2014 by

Part of our job as a full-service Honda dealership is to help our drivers with maintaining their vehicles, and that includes winterizing your car. While there are all different kinds of things you can do to prepare for winter, we’ve got five tips for you to help make sure your car is ready for the cold and the snow.Winter Weather Conditions

Five Steps to Winterize Your Car

You may not need to follow these five steps to help winterize your car if you’ve taken good care of your vehicle by keeping up to date on maintenance, but these are some of the most important thins you can do to make it through winter unscathed.

  • Prepare an Emergency Kit: While having a kit to help during auto emergencies is useful all-year round, it’s particularly important to have bottled water, non-perishable foods like granola bars, gloves, and a winter blanket during the colder months. Consider buying an extra phone charger too.
  • Check Hoses and Belts: Anything that needs to be bendable and pliant will get rigid and possibly break during the cold, and hoses and belts are particularly susceptible.
  • Install New Wipers: We’ve found that few drivers regularly replace their windshield wiper blades, yet this should be done about every 12 to 18 months. Like all rubber, they will crack and break from the cold and be unable to clear your windshield of snow, ice, and salt unless they’re fresh.
  • Don’t Drive on Empty: You shouldn’t drive on empty with any kind of regularity, but in the winter, driving on less than half a tank can let condensation freeze in your fuel lines. Keep your tank full just in case.
  • Inspect Your Battery: We’ll be happy to check your battery for you, but remember if you’ve had any serious electrical issues—including a dead battery—you’re better off replacing your battery before the start of winter.

Schedule Your Routine Maintenance

Our five tips are a good starting place, but don’t think that’s all you need to do. Be sure you’re up to date on your oil changes and tire rotations and inspect your tires for wear. If you’ve fallen behind on maintenance, schedule your service appointment today and be sure to ask our service team to help winterize your car.

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