What Is Defensive Driving?

December 19th, 2013 by

With the added conditions of ice and snow on the road this time of year, remaining safe behind the wheel is more important than ever. OneAmerican roads road is by practicing defensive driving. But what is defensive driving exactly?

What It Is

Defensive driving is a great way to lower both your collision rate and other potential risks you face when behind the wheel. But what, exactly, does it mean to drive defensively? Defensive driving goes beyond knowing basic driving mechanics and adhering to rules of the road. Rather, defensive driving is the act of anticipating dangerous situations that can happen and making an effort to prevent them from occurring.

Why It’s Important

If you’ve ever been out on the road, you probably have an idea as to why defensive driving is important to your safety. Not everyone drives well: some people switch lanes without signaling, speed crazily, or follow the vehicle in front of them far too closely. Therefore, you need to be extra defensive behind the wheel to minimize the risk these aggressive drivers cause.

How to Be a Defensive Driver

Stay focused and alert. Attempting to multitask is a recipe for a driving disaster. Put away the cell phone, put down the food, and focus on the road. If you’re sleepy, get someone else to drive or pull over for a quick nap. Remaining alert and focused will improve your ability to recognize and respond to a dangerous situation.

Think about the other drivers on the road. Just because you’re following the rules doesn’t mean everyone on the road is. Be aware of other drivers around you and learn to make the proper adjustments based on how you anticipate they might react to a certain situation.

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