What is Car Detailing?

December 20th, 2013 by

Winter Weather Conditions

What is car detailing, you ask? Well, detailing refers to a set of advanced techniques used to clean your car and protect the paint job. This is especially important during winter driving when you’re encountering lots of road salt and other grime that gets all over your car’s paint, and pretty much everywhere else.

The Pros and Cons of Road Salt

During snow storms, your local Michigan City government officials will pour what’s generally a mix of salt and sand across the roads. For the driver, the benefit is tremendous. The salt helps to raise the temperature of ice and snow, allowing it to melt quickly. Without the road salt, many more accidents would happen.

There’s also a major downside, the corrosive nature of the salt can break down your paint job and hurt everything in the undercarriage of your car. Your weakened automobile will be more susceptible to rust, which is not helped by all the moisture in winter. Rust will decrease the value of your vehicle and eventually can harm the engine and other parts of the car that make it run.

Preventative Detailing

While it’s a little late now, ideally you want to have a resistance built up before the salt comes out. Next fall, take your car to the Bosak Honda service department to be detailed. We will clean every part of your car and put a wax sealant on it to help protect from the winter weather.

Frequent Winter Cleaning

Cleaning your car in the winter may seem strange when it’s just going to get dirty again so quickly, but frequent cleaning and detailing work will help you battle salt. You want to get your car waxed more often and make sure to have the person doing the detailing clean the bottom of your car where a lot of salt and dirt gets kicked up there and stays throughout the winter.

Schedule Your Next Detailing and Cleaning at Bosak Honda

Protect your investment by coming to Bosak Honda for some car detailing. You can find us at 710 US Highway 20 in Michigan City, Indiana. Feel free to make an appointment online or just drop by the dealership anytime we’re open.

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