Welcome to the Year of Honda

February 5th, 2015 by

We’re just over a month into the “Year of Honda,” and we can’t wait to see what else the automaker has in store for us. As of now, we’ve been told of some huge green driving initiatives as well as a significant upgrade to the Anna, Ohio engine factory that produces powertrains for your favorite Honda vehicles. And that’s just from
Honda FCV ConceptJanuary’s 2015 North American International Auto Show in Detroit.

Honda Goes Greener

Honda is already regarded as one of the most environmentally friendly automakers around, going so far as to offer incentives to their dealerships to reduce their carbon footprint and overall environmental impact. But Honda is taking things to a whole new level with the FCV Concept.

You may have heard of Honda’s hydrogen-powered zero-emissions car, the FCX Clarity, but considering its very limited release, it’s possible that it flew below your radar. Well, Honda has taken their first fuel cell vehicle and updated it, with the FCV Concept decreasing the size and increasing the storage capacity of the batteries that propelled the FCX Clarity. This means two big things about the FCV:

  • It is now a five-person sedan thanks to the decreased battery size.
  • It will be able to go at least 300 miles on a full tank due to the improved charging capacity.

We still don’t know for sure when the FCV Concept will become a production model, but rest assured that we’ll let you know as soon as we know more.

In the realm of more conventional green vehicles, Honda has two new vehicles scheduled for future release:

  • A new battery-electric vehicle for the 2018 model year
  • A new plug-in hybrid for the 2018 model year as well

If you’re the kind of driver who wants a bit more power in their cars, Honda also announced that they will be making turbocharged four-cylinder engines at their engine plant, yielding higher fuel economies and improved torque ratings on Honda’s already efficient four-cylinder VTEC engines.

Find Your Green Honda Today

While these announcements are all quite exciting, they are also rather far into the future. If you want an affordable alternative fuel car today, you just need to visit Bosak Honda Michigan City; we’re sure there’s one here for you.

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