Try a Winter-Ready Honda with Heated Mirrors

November 19th, 2014 by

Sometimes you have to be in a tight spot before you can know just how valuable the amenities on your Honda are. We know that few drivers upgrade their car to a higher trim level solely for adding on heated mirrors, but we do think that when you buy a new Honda model from us at Bosak Honda in Michigan City, you should think about 2014 Honda Civicall of the times you’ve had your mirrors iced up and been unable to see.

As winter is fast approaching, we’ve asked our drivers for testimonials about useful winter features, including heated mirrors, and we thought we should share this one with you.

Let Your Car Do the Work with Heated Mirrors

If we’re being honest, I didn’t even notice that heated mirrors were on my new Civic EX-L when I bought it. I wanted to add on the satellite-linked navigation and leather upholstery to my new compact and wasn’t too concerned with what else came with.

Then I pulled an overnight shift in the ER during an ice storm, and walked out to a quarter-inch sheet of ice covering my Civic. I found myself beyond grateful for the ability to hop in the driver’s seat, turn over the ignition and press a few buttons to let my car warm up and melt all of the ice off. I couldn’t have backed out of my spot without clean mirrors and crystal-clear windows, and after half a day on my feet, I didn’t want to spend any time freezing myself as I scraped away at all that ice.

As I drove home, I noticed that my mirrors stayed clear, too. They didn’t fog up or get any more ice or snow on them, all thanks to a feature I forgot I had.

Find Your New Honda

We know that heated mirrors aren’t the first thing on your mind when buying a new car, but you can find them on practically all Honda models, and our Midwest drivers have fallen in love with this little convenience. Let us help you find your new Honda today; contact Bosak Honda in Michigan City for a test drive of a car that will make the winters just a bit easier.

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