Four Tips To Increase Your Car’s Trade-In Value

June 11th, 2015 by

Resale valueTime to start looking for a new car? Or just a newer car than the one you have now? Navigating the trade in process can be a real pain, and it’s difficult to get a good deal on your current car. If you play your cards right, you can get a fair price on your current vehicle, that can help you finance your new vehicle. Making your trade-in worth more is worth it, and the following tips should help you maintain, increase, and follow through on getting the right amount of money for your car.

Maximizing Your Car’s Current Worth

If you’re planning on trading in your vehicle for a different one, you’re not just a car buyer, you’re also a car seller. Some people fail to take this role seriously, and end up getting far less than what their car is actually worth. The best part about this, though, is that most of it is really easy to fix. Here are four easy tips to make your trade-in worth more:

  1. Clean your car. It sounds simple, but it’s an invaluable part of the process. Making sure your vehicle looks as clean as possible lets the dealership or prospective buyer see the car as it truly is. Vacuum, wash, wax, and wipe down the whole thing and get it as close to perfect as you can.
  2. Top everything off. People buying your vehicle will want to know how well you took care of it, so having clean oil, air filters, topped off fluids, and other basic maintenance taken care of can go a long way. The money you put in to presentation and maintenance here will have a direct effect on the price you end up getting.
  3. Point out the problems. If there are scratches or dings or even more serious issues, be sure to point them out. The dealer or buyer will find out anyway, and disclosing them up front is not only good business, it’s good ethics.
  4. Do your homework. Use car valuation tools to honestly appraise a good price. Going in knowing what to expect and what to ask for will ensure that you’re negotiating from a good place. Use the Kelley Blue Book or Autotrader to research your vehicle’s trade in value.

Choose a Buyer You Can Trust

And if you’re selling to a dealer, make sure it’s one who’s going to make the most of your car. Bosak Honda Michigan City takes care of our customers and their vehicles and want you to get the most of your trade-in. Come on down and visit Bosak Honda Michigan City today!

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