Potholes and the Damage They Can Do

March 30th, 2015 by

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Though pothole damage is an unavoidable side effect of regular driving, it can still be a pain. Potholes are sometimes hard to see, especially in inclement weather, and can be especially hard to avoid. But let’s say you do end up hitting one, and feel that sickening and unmistakable, thud and jolt. You know it’s not good, but exactly what can happen to your car? We asked the professionals in our service department for a few tips.

Potential Damage From Potholes

A number of things can go wrong when you strike a divot in the road. None of these things are good:

  • Tire damage is one of the obvious ones. A sudden strike to the tires can wear the tread faster or even puncture it. The sidewalls of the tire can bulge and deform, which requires attention.
  • Wheel rim damage can occur, especially on aluminum-based wheels. Dents and dings can alter the wheel’s lifespan and safety.
  • Shocks and struts can wear faster and prematurely.
  • Components of the vehicle’s suspension can damage or break.
  • Exhaust systems can become severely damaged, and cease to work properly.
  • The entire undercarriage to the vehicle can become damaged, leading to leaking fluids, rust formation, and more premature wearing.

Minimizing Damage

The ideal solution to this host of maladies is to avoid potholes altogether. But when conditions are poor and a puddle could just as easily be a deep and treacherous pothole, avoiding them can be a nearly impossible task.

Minimizing the downside to hitting potholes starts with your tires. Maintaining your manufacturer’s recommended tire pressure is a great way to buffer the impact and arguably the most important factor in minimizing pothole damage. Over- or underinflated tires are much more susceptible to damage from potholes.

Driving habits that give you more time to make decisions also help. Leaving space between you and the car in front of you can give you time to see potholes you might have otherwise missed. Driving slower and more cautiously in inclement weather can be the difference between smoothly avoiding a pothole and a jarring, damaging jolt.

For More Information, Contact Bosak

Of course, these are just a start. If you have any other suggestions or want to speak with a service professional directly, please don’t hesitate to contact Bosak Honda in Michigan City today. Spring is almost here; let’s make sure you can enjoy driving again!

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