New Car Buying Tips: What to Be Wary Of

January 16th, 2015 by

Here at Bosak Honda Michigan City, we make sure our drivers are our top priority, but if you have ever shopped for a new car anywhere else, you know that isn’t always the case. We’ve compiled a short list of new car buying tips, specifically things you should be on the lookout for, when shopping for your next vehicle.Young salesman giving car's key to his customer

Car-Buying Red Flags

These are tactics that can be used on new car buyers, though they will certainly apply to those of you shopping for used cars as well.

  • Switching Cars: Let’s say you go to a dealership looking for a compact car and they instead try to sell you on their mid-size sedan despite; this is a dealership that has their bottom line before your best interests. Consider finding another car dealer.
  • Talking to the Boss: If a salesperson tells you that he or she has to go talk to the boss and leaves you waiting for more than a few minutes, it’s often a negotiation tactic that is used to make drivers impatient enough to sign off on a less-than-ideal loan.
  • Extended Warranty: It is incredibly rare that a dealership can offer you an extended warranty only at the time of purchase of your new vehicle. Many extended warranties run through third parties and can be added on at any time. Never feel pressured to add on warranty coverage.
  • Trade-in Trouble: Some unscrupulous car dealers will claim to have “lost the keys” to your trade-in in an effort to make it even more of a hassle for you to leave without driving home one of their cars. Call their bluff and then leave.

Remember, if at any point you feel uncomfortable or pressured in the car-buying process, feel free to leave. A car is a big investment, and you should have no regrets.

Shop Somewhere You Trust

We have spent decades building up trust with drivers all over the Midwest, and we are aware that many of you know the Bosak name is one you can depend on. But if you have any friends who are shopping for a new car, be sure to pass these tips on to them, and let them know that you trust Bosak Honda Michigan City when shopping for cars.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about a new Honda.

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