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December 19th, 2014 by

If you’ve been living in Indiana for a while, you’re likely used to the harsh winters of the Midwest, but if that’s not the case, then we advise you to be extra careful out there this winter and follow our winter safety tips. In our years, we’ve heard of quite a few accidents that have been from drivers who felt comfortable Winter Driving - Slippy Conditionsdriving in the winter and didn’t notice a patch of ice or another vehicle’s brake lights until it was too late.

Bosak Helps with Four Winter Safety Tips

Making it through the winter all in one piece should be the top priority, but we’d like to help you ensure your car makes it out on the other side without any dents or dings, too. So here are some tips to keep in mind when driving this winter:

  • Be careful: This is a good tip year round, but even if you’re an excellent driver, it’s important to keep an eye on everyone else during the winter months. And just because you feel like you can go the speed limit with snow on the ground, maybe dial it down a notch or two just in case.
  • Inspect your tires and brakes: Your tires and brakes are quite often the only things standing between you and an accident, and if your brakes/brake pads are bad or your tires are balding, you could be in for a nasty winter. Go for a set of fresh tires and brake pads, and after the first freeze, check the pressure in your tires.
  • Inspect your lights: You can likely check your headlights and your brights on your own, but what about your brake lights? Try backing up into a parking lot by a storefront where you can see the reflection of your taillights and check backup light, turn signals, and brake lights.
  • Pack an emergency kit: We’ll cover this in our post on winterizing your car, but we think it’s important you see it here as well. We recommend some granola bars, bottled water, a winter blanket, a pair of gloves, and a cell phone charger.

Be Careful Out There

If you have any suggestions for winter safety tips or any questions about winter car maintenance, we want to help. Contact Bosak Honda Michigan City today and let us know what we can do to better serve you this winter!

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