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Fast Track

A Better way to Buy! Fast Track

Faster, Easier, Paperless


We confess – we are always searching for new ways to make the car buying experience better. We’ve recognized that for customers, the least favorite aspect of buying a car is the actual time it takes to purchase one. With Fast Track, you can now build your deal from scratch. You’re in total control from the comfort of your home! Here is how it works:

Select a Vehicle


Once you find the car that you are interested in, just press the “Design Your Deal” button, and from here you will follow the prompts to start the car buying process. This saves you time and gives you a clear picture so you can make the most educated decision possible!

Credit Application


By providing us with your credit information, we will be able to shop for the best rate before you even step foot in the door! This also lets us narrow down your payment and interest rate, eliminating time you would otherwise spend in the dealership to find this out.

Trade In

Trade In Your Vehicle

Use the state of the art Trade In tool to get actual real live market-data about the value of your vehicle. 99% of appraisals can be completed in minutes with just a few clicks!

Finalize and Sign Deal

Trade In Your Vehicle

Are you happy with the deal we’re showing you inside Fast Track? Congratulations! You’ve saved yourself from the average of 2 hours that it usually takes, and all that is left for you to do is come over for a test-drive. If you love the vehicle, just sign and finalize the paperwork!