Compare 2019 Honda Pilot vs 2018 Dodge Journey

2019 Honda Pilot vs 2018 Dodge Journey
2019 Honda Pilot 2018 Dodge Journey
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2019 Honda Pilot vs 2018 Dodge Journey

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The world of crossovers has never been more impressive. There are so many vehicles on the market that fit into this category. Each one provides something new and fresh to consumers. If you are looking for a car that is compact with plenty of power and safety, then vehicles like the 2019 Honda Pilot and the 2018 Dodge Journey are vehicles to consider. The 2019 Honda Pilot has seen some significant updates this year. You also have the option to shop the rest of the 2018 lot to see if you can get a deal on one of this year’s vehicles. If you are having some difficulty choosing between these two vehicles, there are some differences to consider. Let’s take a closer look.

Safety Features

There have been standard safety features included in all vehicles for many years now. You have been able to find airbags throughout all makes and models for a bit. Currently, safety features have begun to truly develop into elements that are convenient but increase your overall safety. The Honda Pilot this year brings many great features to the table across all trim levels. The Honda Sensing Package isn’t something that you are going to find in the Dodge Journey. The package includes things like forward collision warning, lane departure warning, lane keeping assist, adaptive cruise control and more. Don’t forget about high beams, a rearview camera, and rear cross-traffic monitoring. Dodge has included some features like a rearview camera, but there is a bit of safety convenience lacking with standard packages in the Journey.

Front Dash / Infotainment

On the front dashboard of the Honda Pilot, you will find an 8.0-inch touchscreen display. This is an impressive standard inclusion. Many of the brands include something much smaller with an 8.0-inch screen being the upgraded option. Dodge has included a much smaller touchscreen, and you can upgrade to an 8.4 inch in the 2018 model of the Journey. Honda has created a very user-friendly display that is simple but very effective to control things like your audio sound system, navigation and more.


If you want a sturdy vehicle that has a lot of power to tow, then you might be thinking about a truck. If you want a practical car that can still tow some extra weight, has enough power to get you where you need to go and can handle some harsh weather conditions then you might want to think about the Honda Pilot. The Honda Pilot has a true torque-vectoring system that provides all of the traction and power you need to get over rocks, hills, deep grooves and much more. The Dodge Journey is pretty rugged as well, but the Journey doesn’t quite have that off-roading ability you will find in other vehicles.

A three-row compact SUV is a competitive vehicle to consider this year. Each manufacturer has put forward their best creation. It is a perfect vehicle for a family thanks to its safety and efficiency. When you compare the Honda Pilot and the Dodge Journey, there is one vehicle that stands out from the other. The 2019 Honda Pilot is an affordable vehicle that is efficient to maintain moving forward. There is plenty of comfort on the interior, power under the hood and safety features throughout. If you would like to find out more about the Honda Pilot this year, then stop down to Boask Honda in Michigan City. We can answer any questions that you have about the Honda Pilot including financial information.