Automakers Having to Decide Between Manual and Automatic Transmission

March 12th, 2014 by

In the past, it seemed that more car buyers who wanted to go faster and achieve better gas mileage would choose a vehicle with a manual transmission, while those who Insight Interiorwanted more convenience would choose an automatic. Such isn’t the case anymore, as choosing between manual and automatic transmission isn’t that cut and dry anymore, especially with all of the technology available today. Because of all the latest technological advances, more and more car makers are moving away from manual and shifting to automatic transmissions. Not only that, but less people are buying cars with manual transmissions, so automakers are deciding not to make them.

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So why are there fewer models today with manual transmissions? Part of it has to do with the number of people that buy these types of cars. Yes, it can be said that major car enthusiasts still love driving stick and the control it offers over their car. Yet, because of technological advances with automatic transmissions, which have made cars go faster and accelerate quicker, more of these models have been selling.

However, there are still car buyers who prefer manual transmission for select models that may be available with the option of both types. For example, the Volkswagen GTI’s manual transmission has continued to hold steady. The Nissan BRZ and FR-S are also favored when offered with a manual transmission.

Despite there not being as many manual transmission vehicles produced as in years past, it doesn’t seem like the manual transmission will be completely going away anytime soon. If you’re interested in learning more about the differences between manual and automatic transmissions and what vehicles are capable of when equipped with each, be sure to stop by Bosak Honda of Michigan City. We’ll be glad to explain the differences for you and let you see for yourself with our wide selection of vehicles.

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