An AWD Honda Makes Winter Driving on Route 20 All the Better

November 19th, 2014 by

We know that many of our drivers have spent quite a bit of their lives in the Midwest, and that has galvanized most of us for some of the harshest winters. But even if you’re used to low temperatures, feet of snow, and icy roads, you know when you need to toss on an extra layer, right? And we think that you should take that kind of ideology on your next car purchase. All-wheel drive gives you a bit of security on slick and snowy roads, making it easier to get out of winter in one piece.

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We know that not everyone thinks they need all-wheel drive on their brand new Honda, but considering that we offer it on four of our vehicles, we asked some of our drivers for stories of when they were particularly fond of their AWD Honda model. We want to share one of those stories with you.

Getting a Grip on an Icy Road

I’m no stranger to snow or ice, and that made it all the easier to ignore the winter storm warning that I heard on the radio last December. I’ve been behind the wheel during ice storms and blizzards, and I know how to handle myself in a car, truck, SUV, and a minivan, but sometimes a patch of ice can come out of nowhere…

When I bought my new 2014 Honda Ridgeline, I was buying it for its capabilities as a pickup truck and thought its standard all-wheel drive would be great for hauling a trailer in a pinch. I never really gave a second thought to how useful it could be in snow and ice until I felt it take over and transfer torque to the rear wheels to stabilize my truck after hitting a terrifying patch of black ice.

After I got myself to work, it proved invaluable yet again, as our lot had been covered in snow; engaging the all-wheel drive manually let me climb out and head back on my way home without any trouble.

Bosak Honda in Michigan City is Your Source for AWD Honda Models

All-wheel drive is available on the Crosstour, Pilot, CR-V, and Ridgeline, and it gives you an edge when the weather and the road conspire against you. Contact Bosak Honda in Michigan City and let us put you behind the wheel for a test drive of one of our great AWD Honda models.