3 Common Traps Bad Car Dealers Use to Sell You a Car

February 5th, 2015 by

We make it a priority to keep an eye out for our customers here at Bosak Honda Michigan City, as it seems very few car dealers are willing to do these days. The satisfaction of the driver is the most important thing to us, but other auto dealers just care about making a quick buck. To help you avoid shady car dealers, we have the 3 Car salesmancommon traps bad car dealers will use to sell you a car.

3 Signs of a Bad Car Dealer

We have a history of serving the community and have worked hard to earn your trust over the years, but we know that some car dealers haven’t distanced themselves from the shady reputation that used to be commonplace in the car-buying world. If you come across a dealership that says any of the following things, start looking elsewhere for your car:

  1. I need to talk to the boss.” Did you try to haggle on the used car you’re shopping for or request something pretty extreme from the financing department? No? Then the sales or finance associate you’re working with should have little reason to get approval from their superiors. This is a tactic that’s often used to make drivers impatient and willing to sign a loan without reading it over.
  2. We included the extended warranty.” Extended warranties have a bad reputation as ways to swindle drivers out of money—they can actually be a smart move sometimes—but any dealership that is trying to sell you on it or has already included it in your paperwork without clearing it with you is someone trying to squeeze every penny out of you. Be very wary of a dealership that has extended warranties or accessories added into the pricing already.
  3. We lost the keys to your trade-in.” This sounds like a whopper of a story, but you would be amazed how often it works. Like talking to the boss, this is another tactic that gets the driver to stay longer and grow impatient and more willing to sign the paperwork instead of leave. Call their bluff and don’t look back.

Choose a Dealership You Trust

Bosak Honda Michigan City has done our best to make sure area drivers receive some of the lowest financing rates and prices on new and used vehicle; we hope we’ve earned your trust as a car dealer and encourage you to contact us with any questions about buying a new car or to schedule a test drive of a new Honda.

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